Kimim Ben?

Bahadır AKIN is an enthusiastic software developer who concerns about how to develop products with high quality. He had worked for companies with various sizes which includes both startups and international companies, and worked on several different titles like Team Leader and Senior Java Developer. He also has experience in different domains including health care and telecommunication. Although, through his professional life, he usually worked on the server side, he has always been curious on the client side, too. So do not get surprised if you heard his blabbering about both Java and JavaScript throughout his blogs.

Besides authoring two different blogs, he is currently working as a freelance consultant and doing Master in Engineering and Technology Management at Boğaziçi University. He has a Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering and was graduated from Istanbul Technical University.

Although, he can easily get excited by just software development regardless of topic and tools, nowadays he is keen on topics like software quality, microservice architecture, scaling and performance, continuous integration and deployment, also tools like node.js, SpringMVC, Angular.js, TypeScript and RxJava. But, he has no idea what will future may bring to the software industry. Also, he has a dream that some day he may the one who is bringing the future.



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